Monday, October 11, 2010

Horror Week

Hey all. So we will be having horror week the week before Holloween. Monday the 25th we will be playing The Fury of Dracula (because vampires are awesome). On the 27th we will be having Monster Day, and playing all Monster themed games (like Zombies!!!!!. Come on out and join the fun.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome Back for Fall 2010!

It's a new year! The Welcome Back Bash is on WEDNESDAY, September 22, 2010, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. We'll be playing the whole time, and then, probably move on into the Student Center to play more.

Stop by to play, for information, and to help us decide when the best times to meet are....

Who knows, there may be some prizes, and surprises.

Monday, February 01, 2010

WE are back!

Games are happening for the Spring 2010 semester... Here's proof!

Stop by any time on Monday or Wednesday after 2:00, and join in the fun of the selection of LOTS of games!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Mid semester update!

We've had a busy semester, playing lots of new games, and even having members bringing in their own to share with the group! The web site has not been updated much, as usual due to too much actual GAMING.

Our Ice Cream day last month was a HUGE success! We succeeded in eating something like 30 gallons of ice cream. There was a minor controversy and almost violence this year when chocolate was left out of the flavor selection. We managed to talk people down off their ledges, though, with chocolate syrup.

Don't forget about the Chonkeys Day! Info is available at the top left of the page under "Events".

We have played a bunch of games, as well! Here's a little mid-semester update of much of what we've played since the last update.

Some new favorites are: Kamisado, Shadow Hunters, and TPOC: The Politics of Cannibals. Kamisado is a two player game on a chess-like board. But your every move dictates the possibilities for your opponent. It's mind-bendingly wonderful.

Shadow Hunters is a hidden-identity game where each player is given a card describing them as a "Shadow", a "Hunter", or "Neutral". The Shadows are trying to kill the Hunters, and vice-versa, and the Neutrals have hidden agendas as well. Of course, (at least at the start) no one knows who is who. Only through deduction and luck can you find out.

The Politics of Cannibals is a political game, of sorts (a little bit like an expanded version of "King of the Beasts", a game-club classic). Each player is vying to be King of the Cannibals, and has to observe what topics the voters are interested in and adjust their platform (which are just sets of cards) accordingly. Of course, throughout the game the political landscape can change. People can get put into the big cauldron, and when the chef comes out, voters get eaten. (There is much cheering around the table whenever that happens!)

Girl Genius: The Works is also a new one to game club. It's a very clever steampunk-styled card game, where the cards make a giant machine in the middle of the table, and players try to manipulate it to their benefit. It has some of the best artwork of any game we play.

We've played a LOT of classic games to game club in the past few weeks, as well!!

10 Days in Asia and 10 Days in Europe: We've played quite of few of these classic route-building games by Moon & Weissblum. These games should be in every high school social studies classroom -- you can't HELP but learn the Asian and European maps. And they're fun. TransAmerica, a very different but also route-building game came out, of course too.

We've played some quick party games like ASAP, Cranium Zigity, Smart Mouth, and Thingamajig... they got pulled out fairly regularly.

There's always lots of abstract/puzzle/word games played. We got in some games of: Boggle, Coda, Continuo, Fire and Ice, Gobblet, Jumpin' Java, Quarto!, Quiddler, Rummikub, Blokus, Tsuro, and Traverse.

Around Halloween we appropriately were playing: Betrayal at House on the Hill, Cthulhu Rising, Frog Juice, Guillotine, Mall of Horror, and Poison.

We've actually been getting into a lot of trading/bidding/bartering games, as well lately (these are usually my favorites!!). Things like: Basari, Bohnanza, and Lascaux have all been in steady rotation.

Forbidden has become a new favorite card game. It has elements of Rummy and Mah Jong, with some fun new gameplay elements ("Did you remember to feed the monkey??"). We've also been playing: Cribbage, Gang of Four, Hornochsen, Rage, and Zeus on the Loose.

The role drafting games of Citadels and San Juan are always great, and we've introduced a whole new set of players to their tremendous glory.

We've spent time in Japan, playing both Samurai AND Honor of the Samurai.

We've played a bunch of the press-your-luck games of Incan Gold and Can't Stop the Turtles.

There was plenty of playing with the pirates of Cartagena, the penguins of Hey! That's My Fish!, the politics of Quo Vadis?, and the polynesian Tongiaki.

I'm sure I've missed a few, but this is quite enough for now!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

FALL 2009 is in full swing!

Welcome back!

We are a couple weeks into the semester, and the game club is already back in action. Attendance is way up, and we've had dozens of new faces. We need to start looking as who will be officers this semester, and some discussion has been made regarding that.

We've tried different ways of recording who plays what games -- this semester we will probably have just a sign in sheet of people writing down who is in attendance, and a game sheet where we simply record the games played, so we know what games are the hot ones. We'll see how that goes.

Looks like Game Days will once again be MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS, starting around 2:00 in the Student Center. You can't miss us, we've consistently taken over 2 tables (yesterday we had 3 going!)...

Already we've played games like...

  • Boggle
  • Bohnanza
  • Farkel
  • Five Crowns
  • Forbidden
  • Gang of Four
  • Great Dalmuti
  • Incan Gold
  • King of the Beasts
  • Mall of Horror
  • Pass the Pigs
  • Quiddler
  • TransAmerica
  • Tsuro

And there will surely be many more...

Saty tuned!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gaming on Wednesday, May 27

Summer session has begun. And gaming has continued...

Blog reports will be brief, but at least they will BE.

  • Ashlei
  • Ashley
  • Cathy Willms
  • Chris
  • Eden
  • Fenwick
  • Jennifer
  • Paul
  • Stephanie

(Heath and Victoria were nearby, but didn't actually join in the gaming. We'll drag them in next week, for sure...)

    • This is a new one for game club. It's meant for younger players, but it really adapts well to the skill of the group. You all begin in the corners of the board, and basically roll letter-dice and try to make words on the board and connect them to each other, Scrabble-style. First to get to the middle wins! Silly fun. But hey, it has WORDs and PIRATEs. Two of my favorite things in the wold...

    • This is a simple dice game with push-your-luck elements. We like those (Can't Stop, Farkel, Cinq-O... we've played a bunch). In this game you each roll a starter die. Matches just get the points they rolled, then, started with the highest unique roll, bonus dice can be rolled for more points (or lose what they've earned by "crapping out" <-- actual terminology in the instructions). Only one person gets to roll the bonus dice, so there is some strategic decisions to be made ("Keep my big points, but maybe allow others to roll more, or RISK my big points to stick everyone else with a lower score.") This game is 77% chance, 22% decision, and 1% crippling frustration -- a perfect combo for a light filler game.

  • RAGE
    • Our favorite trick-taking game! We've played it a lot. It needs no intro...

    • The taste of SHAKE still lingering in our mouths, we dragged out Farkel. Another classic game club entry -- roll dice for points. Keep some point-valued dice, and risk that much to roll more. Or keep what you've got. Lots of cheering, as always...

    • It just wouldn't be game club without Quiddler. (OOH! Marsha Falco, Quiddler inventor, follows me on Twitter! Dang, I'm a geek.)

The gaming will continue... stay tuned. AND we'll be definitely be doing some recruiting when orientation comes around later in the summer... Cheers!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Empty semester, blog-wise!

OK, so we haven't updated all semester. It wasn't for lack of playing! And we did record the games we did play, at least. The info exists; at least a close approximation. So I figured I'd just do a giant report of the games for the semester. Check it out...

10 Days in Asia2
Bull in a China Shop1
Can't Stop1
Can't Stop the Turtles1
Cosmic Cows1
Cranium Whoonu2
Cranium Zigity3
Cthulhu Rising1
Dino Dodg-Em1
Fire and Ice3
Fist of Dragonstones1
Five Crowns3
For Sale3
Frog Juice3
Gang of Four11
Go Stop3
Gold Digger1
Incan Gold1
Jumpin' Java1
King of the Beasts Mythological Edition3
Labyrinth Card Game7
Lost Cities1
Mall of Horror1
Math Dice1
Mille Bornes3
Pecking Order2
Quo Vadis?1
San Juan3
Simply Catan1
Smart Mouth1
Stone Soup1
Terra Nova2
Tiki Topple4
Toss Up!1
Turn The Tide2
Zeus on the Loose9
Zombie Fluxx2

SEE?! We played. And will continue to do so...

We'll decide what will be good day(s) for playing over the summer soon.

And we'll go back to actually logging what we play a smidge more often.